Open Letter to Shri Nitish Kumar, Bihar CM

Open Letter to Shri Nitish Kumar, Bihar CM

Dear Shri Nitish ji,

I wrote my first open letter a couple of years ago. This is the second, and I’d like you to remember the occasion of 35th Bhim Sen Sachar Memorial Lecture in India International Centre, New Delhi on December 2, 2014. Indeed it was an excellent 67 minutes address. Last year I have heard Justice T.S. Thakur in the 37th memorial lecture. The same lecture series and same Kamla Devi Multi Purpose Hall. It was a fascinating experience to be among the audience, when veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar was in chair. Still I cannot say the two an equal. Sorry to express it. In fact, I was a guest, not a host this time. Justice Thakur has delivered an almost extempore memorial address. I’d like to praise him for certain things, especially that explicitly expressed reasons behind the fumbling words and thoughts in the beginning. The courageous man accepted how plagiarized text supplied by a subordinate judicial officer failed him to be up to the mark. I fell in love to hear the narratives of Bhim Sen Sachar’s emergency days in your words. I hope this is a fact that Mahatma Tyagi is nothing less than an emblem on decentralisation of democracy in the deepest furrow of your fertile brain, no? 

I’ve something to be glad to share with your good self. Justice Sachar delightfully agreed to permit me to publish the text of his presidential address delivered on 6th May 2015 during the 150th anniversary of Lala Lajpat Rai at CSOI, Vinay Marg, New Delhi in my coming book. That day I was delighted to host the chief guest Dr. Hamid Ansari, the Vice President of India. The prestigious English daily Business Standard published his address on the guest column on 30th May that year. The text is attached herewith for your ready reference. A news clip as published in the largest Hindi daily Jagran covering this event is also enclosed here to have a better picture of that evening. I’m sorry. I’m not inviting you to its releasing ceremony. In fact, I write all this verbatim details to invite your good self to talk about Dr. Lal Singh Tyagi, the former Panchayati Raj Minister of Bihar govt. and the longest remaining President of All India Panchayat Parishad (AIPP) and Bihar Rajya Panchayat Parishad (BRPP). We call him Mahatma Tyagi of Panchayati Raj.

This is the year of decentralisation of power, so that the Prime Minister is celebrating 70th year of independence with great pomp and show. The heads of certain provinces are also taking part in them. This is a special series of occasion to remember the founding fathers of the Indian nation. The issue of Panchayati Raj or decentralisation of democracy is a core content of Hind Swaraj written by Mahatma Gandhi in 1909. Lok Nayak Jayprakash Narayan is an authority on this subject, and it reflects in the Constitution of India in the directive principles. State govt. of Bihar did an exemplary act in this regard. They have enacted Bihar Panchayat Raj Act 1947 during Dr. Sri Krishna Singh govt. I conclude on reports that Pt. Binodanand Jha and Lal Singh Tyagi were the leading figures behind this development. This is one of the initial laws on Panchayati Raj in modern Indian history, and a decade after this enactment Panchayati leader of Bihar conducted a nationwide tour on a special train designated for this purpose alone. Consequently All India Panchayat Parishad came into existence. Now seven decades have passed. I don’t know how your govt. is going to celebrate this 70th year of Panchayati Raj in Bihar. This is an occasion of celebrations for those who love the likes of Lok Nayak Jayprakash Narayan, Pt. Binodanand Jha and Dr. Lal Singh Tyagi. State govt. used to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Tyagi with Bihar Rajya Panchayat Parishad on 21st January every year. This year that day was marked for the huge human chain on the alcohol ban.

I remember you have leisurely expressed the 50 minutes typed text in 67 minutes. It was indeed a brainstorming session. Your close association with Lok Nayak and Dr. Lal Singh Tyagi is in public domain. Here at the office of Panchayat Sandesh we have expressed our dream that deals with the resurrection of Dr. Lal Singh Tyagi Trust initiated in 1980s. Recently the president of Bihar Rajya Panchayat Parishad told me that his adopted son Dr.  Prakash Sinha is also dreaming the same. I want to place my request to think on this issue and do the needful. 

On the 108th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Lal Singh Tyagi Panchayat Sandesh once again started the dialogue series i.e. Panchayat me Paricharcha at AIPP headquarter in the national capital. We want a series of dialogue dedicated to Dr. Lal Singh Tyagi and Reforms in last 7 Decades since Bihar Panchayat Raj Act. In my opinion you are one of the best experts to address this issue in the proposed dialogue series. We would like to organise such an event in the same hall of India International Centre on a suitable day. If you principally agree to spare some time to share your precious views on this issue, we would like to visit your place with a delegation from Panchayat Sandesh. I hope you would look into the contents of this open letter with all seriousness and spare some time for this noble cause. 

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,

Kaushal Kishore
Author of The Holy Ganga (Rupa 2008)
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