Death Due to Heat-Wave

Courtesy: Guardian
Courtesy: Guardian

Kaushal Kishore (Follow @HolyGanga)

Since last week most parts of India are burning due to heatwave. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have the highest number of deaths from the heatwave. This figure has crossed the mark of the thousand in Andhra Pradesh alone. In Telangana, additional 432 people have died because of scorching heat. More than 250 innocent people have died in these two frontier provinces within last two days. In the southern part of the national capital two people were killed by the scorching heat. In this condition the reports of death makes the atmosphere warm day by day. The trend of death does not look as if it is going to stop soon.

The first year has passed since the Modi government came into power. On one hand the minister of the government makes us count their achievements, and on the other hand statistics of death toll due to heatwave is increasing continuously. How difficult is this attack of weather in the good days. All those who sustain death are the common people. The elite have already arranged the provisions of relief from the soaring temperature. The temperature of Delhi has exceeded 45°C. The condition of large states like Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan are rather terrible. That is also a day of this same week, when Sakur Paharia died out of acute thirst, while travelling in the general coach of the second class compartment of Farakka Express. When there is no money in the pockets of the poor people to buy bottled water, a single drop of water stops dripping from the taps of the railway station.

The result of this heat is clearly visible in the quotations of reports coming from government and non-government agencies. The common people of the nation are doomed to die. A long tenure has not passed. A few months ago, deaths of poor people were in the reports due to cold waves. Today, it is the rage of the scorching heat. As far as relief from heatwave is concerned, the government has not done enough in this direction to save the life of common men. At least availability of drinking water and shadow system could have easily managed at public places.

The helplessness of common public and this trend of death are painful. There is no limit of sufferings from the wrath of nature to the vagaries of weather. In such cases the excuse of not having control over nature has been quite effective. The keen look into it clearly speaks that governments are relentlessly building complex situations responsible for such catastrophe. In fact, this scorching heat is because of lack of greenery. Trees have been cut on large scale not only in forest, but in the urban and rural areas also. More than a hundred million trees were cut in the last ten years in order to build wide roads only. The government itself has marked the need of new and wide highways in order to quietly manage the surface transportation. The Highway Project of the Modi government is worth billions of rupees.

In addition to them, from erection of skyscrapers for residential purpose to development of industry and trade, unaccounted number of trees was uprooted. The poor people will be forced to die unnaturally because of this, didn’t the experts working in government service aware of it? And if so, why is the effective approach missing? Whether government has no responsibility for such a state? If it is not the responsibility of the government, after all, who is really responsible for it? The courage to face these questions is neither in those who made the earth treeless nor in the ministers of the government nor in the experts at their service. If it is not a sign of the inability of the government machinery, it could be the outcome of a deep rooted scheme. The public, who is doomed to die while facing this terror, has to be responsible to understand this scheme.

No preparation is being seen for this suffering of public that is on the receiving end of gruesome death while fighting the menace caused by burning summer. In the seventies, ordinary people initiated the big movement to protect trees in the mountains of Uttarakhand by clinging besides the trees itself. “Apodeepobhav” (Be your own light), it was a saying of Lord Buddha. Today those, who are bound to this kind of unnatural death, become their own lamp only then it is possible to get better in the future.


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