The Holy Ganga: Comment on the Book..

THG.jpgIncredible India! Over the centuries, with her incredible characteristic, India has gone through innumerable tests of patience and strengths. For a few hundred years, India was ruled by many powers. Indian democracy and secularism often misunderstood by several people worldwide. This secularistic character has been misinterpreted as her cowardice. However, the truth lies in the word: ‘tolerance’. India and the people dwelling in India are ‘tolerant’.

To me India is not merely a country; rather it is a message to the whole world. It is the message of unconditional love and human brotherhood. India‘s rich legacy of ancient spiritual heritage and socio-cultural tradition have taught the world the ideal of a ‘single planetary community’ i.e. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. This ideal is embedded by an ever flowing holy stream of water on her eternal journey from Gangotri to Ganga Sagar, which we call the river Ganges or the mother Ganga: the soul of India. Over the centuries, the sacred water of this river has carried the blessings of millions of great seers, saints and ascetics of the Himalayas.

The sun shines upon the river Ganges to evaporate her, but she transforms herself and returns as rain that brings life-force within all of us. Just sitting and contemplating by the banks of the holy Ganges, one might discover the divine potential within oneself. The melodious sound of the flowing Ganges teaches us that if we are here to live in peace, it will be together or not at all. While reading The Holy Ganga, I reminisced the golden times of my life on the banks of the river Ganges in the Himalayas. Each chapter of the book passionately explains the highest and most enviable qualities of the mother Ganges.

In The Holy Ganga, the author explains the mythology, history, spiritual and socio-economic significance of the river Ganges. This is a magnificent book in pursuit of the spiritual aspects of the Ganges that also discusses various problems like global warming and human values. The author explains many authentic and simple ways for fighting the menace of ever increasing pollution of the river. The pursuit ends with the firm resolution and final solution that rests on our own doorsteps. The author raises awareness about the Green Ganga Campaign, which I have been involved in for the past 22 years. The Soham Baba Mission is dedicated to the global green movement by implementing action for green care. I thus offer my wholehearted support to such an initiative by the Ganga keepers (devotees of the mother Ganges), and also praise the author for being actively involved in the preservation of the Ganges. The crisis in biodiversity, the increasing suicide rate among the indigenous people and low scale farmers, the melting ice and glaciers of the Himalayas, the rising sea level and the increasing temperature of our planet are the results of global warming. Climate change has also disrupted the livelihood of ascetics and saints living in the Himalayan region. Melting ice caps also cause the depletion of fresh water reserves at higher altitudes.

I strongly believe that the author has made enormous efforts to bring awareness about these issues amongst his readers. This is a marvelous and noble literary work. There is no doubt that the existence of the Mother Ganges might be abolished from the map of Indian subcontinent in near future, if we ignore her natural image by being engrossed in our modern lifestyle. I further believe that readers will be inspired by this book. I encourage them to visit all the holy places located on the banks of the Ganges many times to explore the beauty, tranquility and secret healing powers of the holy Ganga. At the very end, I would like to add that if all the people become true lovers of the Ganges, it would be the greatest reward to the author of this literary work.



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