Fifth Year of Ganga Mukti Tapas of Baba Naganath in Kashi

Fasting Tapasvi

Fifth Year of Ganga Mukti Tapas of  Baba Naganath
Kaushal Kishore

Tapasvi Naganath fasts for more than four years to ensure the free-flow of the Ganga. He says with firm conviction that the spirit of Ganga Putra Nigamananda is alive in his efforts to save the holy river.

Partnership for Water and Save Ganga Campaign was the most important issues that needed immediate focus during the last couple of weeks. As thus I traveled to Kanpur and Kasi to explore the grass-root facts in the countryside. Many of the organizations, individuals and devotees of the mother Ganga collectively initiated the said programs. I have interacted with common people, activists and well-known dignitaries. It was a surprise to know that many of the top brass were largely unknown and unclear on the basics of the issue, at the same time I came to know many things from certain common and unknown activists. In the Kasi, I saw Baba Naganath on the Manikarnika and Swami Sananda (Dr. G.D. Agarwal) in Sri Vidya Mutt. I’ve also shared my views with certain experts of the ancient Kasi Vidwat Parishad. We have finally decided pinpoints of background for Ganga Adhiveshan scheduled to take place at Kasi in the first week of October 2012.
After the death of Ganga Putra Nigamananda, the Ganga Mukti Movement reached in its second phase. I have heard many times, from different dias, about the great sacrifice of Nigamananda. He is being quoted like a modern hero. After his controversial death, there are many dubious characters and some of them calims himself the next Gangaputra. At the same time certain heads of groups began to organise an informal army dedicated to the Gangaputra, one of such army is known as Nigamananda Sena. Most of the so-called leaders are there to misguide the common people for one reason or the other. There is a thin-line demarcation between the two phases of the Ganga Mukti Movement. The line draws with the fact that all life the martyr was denied from any recognition for his contribution, as if the goddess exacted from him the very last part of his individual surrender. In the second phase of the movement the entire world know that there is a Gangaputra somewhere in a corner doing austerity like the king Bhagiratha.
The disciples of Swami Swaroopananda Saraswati gathered on 18 June 2012 at Jantar Mantar to demand the natural free-flow of the Ganga from the Himalayan origin to the Indian Ocean. Here I saw three possible faces of the next phase of the movement. Swami Sananda (Dr. G.D. Agarwal), Brahamchari Dayananda (Santosh Thakur) and Baba Naganath (Naganath Tiwari).
Again the experts and activists gathered to discuss the issue of Agony of Ganga in Delhi between 14th and 15th July 2012. The press release of the conference clearly states that the participants unianimously agreed for the Aviral and Nirmal Ganga. In addition to that one more baba emerges out of this program. I am talking about Shri Arun Kumar ‘Panibaba’.  He suddenly became active after the conference with a new initative called Ganga Avahanam. He has fasted with Dr. G.D. Agarwal at Uttarkashi in 2008. He has declared that the avahanam is a campaign of penance for the sins committed in order to pollute the Ganga. Presently, Panibaba campaigns with Swami Anand Swaroop (Anand Pandey) in different places on the banks of the Ganga.
Presently, Swami Sananda is operating under the banner of Ganga Seva Abhiyanam and his guru is the head of this mission. Swamiji comes from western part of Uttar Pradesh with a scientific background. Dr. Agarwal successfully stopped some of the hydroprojects of Uttarakhand when he has initiated his struggle. However, it was expected that he would emerge as a more powerful hero with renewed ecstasy after the experiances of Sri Vidya Mutt. Contrary to the ethics, after sanyas he seems to be weaker and dependent. The group will disclose its next step on 18th November 2012 in Delhi.
One of the brother disciples of Ganga Putra Nigamananda, Brahamchari Dayananda is a drop-out of Satyavati College, New Delhi. But still he is the younest among them. So more energetic and efficient. He is a representative of Hardwar based Matri Sadan and his guru heads the socio-spiritual organisation and its programs. The old saying is more suitable in case of their initiatives, “If the Chinese gets hold of you, they’ll flog you to death, and if the Buddhists get hold of you, they’ll starve you to death.” I think you can explore them, if you think there is a hope.
The third face was Baba Naganath, who hails from the ancient streets of Kasi and lives amidsts the burning pyres of the Manikarnika Ghat. He has started his tapas on 19th July 2008 and stopped taking foodstuff with a sankalp to see the natural free-flow of the Ganga. I was told that Naganath does not eat for last four years, and police forced him to hospital many times during this period. He was on glucon drips and medication. After four years of fast his body became stiff, he can hardly bend his hands. I spent many hours together during a couple of days with Baba Naganath, and saw many common people of Benares with him. In order to support the protest or tapas of Naganath the doms of Manikarnika stopped buring the dead bodies for a couple days on several occasions in last four years. Babaji was taken to Janatar Mantar in an airplane by the activists of Ganga Seva Abhiyanam as a symbol of tapas.
Swami Sananda was centre of the movement in Benares, recently. At last, the movement  stopped till 18 November 2012, as the govt. of India requested them for 90 days to look into this issue. I’ve heard many things from the experts of Vidwat Parishad of Kasi about the Abhiyanam and its activists and politics. I came to interact with certain participants of this anshan and most of them were unhapppy. Mostly beacause of the vested interest, attitude and misbehaviour of the leaders. Above all, the politics of this movement is an open secret.
The two so-called disciples of an apocryphal Sankaracharya are running a huge business on the name of Ganga. They have also offered me a couple of millions of blood money. The Kasi Vidwat Parishad is aware of most of the crooked and deceitful activities, as they have also created fake vidwat parishad. In this condition, there is a need to organise  sessions of a couple of days with the experts, activists and devotees of the Ganga and short out the shape of future movement without losing any other Gangaputra.
The status of politics and character of national leadership is known to all. The policy of the government on hydroprojects is another disputed question. The central government ensured Swami Sananda to take action within 90 days, and still proposed a few more hydroprojects in the Himalayas. So we’ll have to chose the devotees of the mother and followers of the demons.
In this condition, our first responsibility is to do something to save the precious life of Baba Naganath. In fact, I’ve requested him to stop the fast for the sake of our generation so that we can peacefully decide the next course of action in October Adhiveshan at Benares in presence of all experts, activists and devotees. Initially Babaji accepted my request and he is ready to stop his fast within a short time, and he left that on us. Now there are several questions before me. The primary thing is associated with his health and medication. He is dependant on medicines, everyday he injects a few drugs for survival. I think the experts of health and medicine can contact or dignose him. The other question is more spiritual since it is associated with his sankalp.
Please contact following persons for Ganga Adhiveshan and Baba Naganath:
Shri Kapindra Tiwari:+919305498331
Shri Trilochan Shastri:+919473839433  & +918127685448


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