Agony of the Ganga: Loss of Culture & Natural Heritage

14 July 2012

The two days round-table conference on “Agony of the Ganga: Loss of Culture & Natural Heritage” has been organized by Ganga Sewa Mission, India International Centre and Hazrat Saleem Chisti Foundation. This is an effort to bring together the govt. agencies, academicians, environmental experts, civil society, religious groups, activists and devotees of the Mother Ganga for an aviral and nirmalGanga. The brainstorming sessions will provide an opportunity for discussions, debate and deliberations on the crisis associated with the preservation and resurrection of the river. We, the organizers, hope that the participants would share specific and concrete steps that can help to achieve effective management of the river within stipulated time frame.

The conference was inaugurated by Shri Karan Singh. In his inaugural address Dr. Karan Singh Commended  the commitment of Govt. of  India to make Ganga pollution Free by 20-20 . He drew  attention to the initiation of the efforts of cleaning the Ganga river, way back 1980s under the stewardship Mrs, Indra Gandhi . He  said that   pollution due to sewerage and construction of dams in Uttrakhand were twin challenges for the preservation of Ganga. He expressed hope that by Herculean efforts of all, Ganga will be made free of the pollution, in the life time  of the present  generation,  of his age.

Swami Ganga Putra Anand, the President of the Ganga Sewa Mission,  in his  key note address,  said that the movement of the protection of River Ganga,  was not directed against any person, any Govt., or any state of India. It was an effort to promote dialogue and deliberation to find solution to the present Tragic  state of affairs. Our shastras, he aid, have exhorted the the kings to ensure protection to flow of rivers,  in their full momentum .This was also the hope of the Ganga movement from the agency of the State. He expressed hope that the two days conference will help to clear all controversy around the save Ganga movement and pave the way to find concrete and specific solution to the problem, He also emphasized that there  was no dichotomy  in development and protection of river Ganga and that both for complimentary to each other

Mr. Soli j Sorabjee,  the chairperson of IIC  in his  welcome address stressed on the role of state agencies  in effective execution of environmental laws in India.  He called for punitive action including the imprisonment,  for those flouting these laws .

Janab Peerzada Rais mian Chishti  chairman of Hazrat salim Chishti foundation, and Sajjadanashin of Dargah Salim Chishti said that the river Ganga was holy for the hindus and  muslim alike .  It was not an ordinary river but the identity of India. To  preserve its sacredness, is the foremost duty of the Indian state .

Sh. Khanduri,  Former Chief minister of Uttrakhand in is intervention, called  for balance  between our devotion   to river ganga and our  need to make optimum use of the river as a resource. He said the case for preserving the river should be made on a scientific basis. The two days conference is being participated by nearly 100 delegates.


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