Byproducts of Being Part of Revolution

21st century anti-corruption movement that spread with the initiatives of certain awakened souls like Anna Hazare & Swami Nigamanada is refining as a revolution. An evolution that changes the way a country is governed is a revolution in its essence. Often violence or war is so closely connected in the history of such transformation that sometimes it appears to be more of an armed struggle. In present scenario, these two heroes bring back the spirit of Gandhi and Bhagat Singh together. They have touched the heart and mind of millions of Indians that reflect as a concept and platform known as India-Against-Corruption.
As the movement goes on, the first draft of history records violence and non-violence, original product and byproducts, as they are associated with the revolution. Here, undoubtedly our iconic revolutionaries commenced the struggle with peaceful and non-violent means and aim. But still this is neither totally peaceful nor non-violent—Swami Nigamananda has been poisoned, as the impending CBI probe suggests, and regular attacks on the members of team Anna introduces us with more pragmatic means of violence.
Recently, I’ve visited the Kumbh Mela area of Haridwar. It delighted me to some extent that the ruinous mining activities are completely banned since the death of Swami Nigamananda. He was one of the great satyagrahis who made supreme sacrifice for the Ganges, after the great Suryavanshi kings of Koshal. He was eleven years older than Bhagat Singh at the time of martyrdom. The state peers could have saved the life of the young genius of our time, and the declaration of the Ganga as our national heritage and establishment of National Ganga River Basin Authority could have proved more useful and pragmatic. The byproducts of his revolutionary act are poisoning, several unexpected allegations, harassment of the inmates and the group of supporters.
Everyday there is fresh news in media in the wake of Anna Hazare led movement for Citizen Ombudsman Bill. The development and implementation of the proposed law is the aim of the new revolution. The evolution of that spirit would be the 21st century achievement in governance. That’s what India needs to be the superpower of the Millennium. Every true Indian seems to remain composed and prepared for fresh move, unless the nation achieves it. They keep a close watch on all these violent and lethargic byproducts that appear as day-to-day outcome and flashed so often in news. Not only Anna and his team but the entire world knows the dire consequences of being part of a revolution.
The role of government in the case of Swami Nigamananda is an open secret. I was shocked to know that the chief minister visited Baba Ram Dev in the hospital and denied to see Swami Nigamananda who was waiting for the last call in the next room in the same hospital. We have witnessed the various phases of struggle in this revolution. We have witnessed the end of a true Satyagrahi. The world is anxious to see what next? Hopefully the dedicated Indians are ready to do the best for the fulfillment of the aims and objects of 21st century Mahatma. I remember a beautiful couplet, as Majaj Lakhnavi says:
Kuchh nahi to kam se kam Khwab-e-sahar dekha to hai.
Jis taraf dekha na tha ab tak udhar dekha to hai.

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