Good Writing Skill in Modern English Language

Good Writing
English Writing

The art of writing depends on numerous techniques. Thus this is a well defined science. Good writing is a rational activity―thinking, writing and revision. A good writer does all the three acts together. Again and again he revises it to achieve some degree of perfection, and to make it intelligible and rhythmic for the reader.

An authentic author plays with the words like his favorite sport. Since skilled writers love the rules of grammar and punctuation. The rules of grammar fascinated many of the experts to such an extent that they have reduced the entire education to the study of grammar. The right placement of words and symbols is a must for a rhythmic structure. That comes from proper linguistic sense and keen interest in the language.

In addition to writing skills adequate factual knowledge, clean and clear concept of the subject matter is necessary. The word play largely depends on better thoughts. Neatly embedded facts are the vital support like the backbone. Therefore every aspiring author needs to collect facts and proper understanding of concept and circumstances.

Although, the result of good writing depends on many parameters. One on the top of them is the audience, who is going to read it. We can access the difference with an example. Content writers generally use his narrative in first and second person. Contrary to that a writer for a newspaper or a journal uses an objective tone in third person reporting. The different medium of mass communication uses different kind and tone of language.

The old dilemma of deciding a good writer is all pervading. There is not one just process to find them out. Even the voracious readers, time and again, have encountered this confusion between the best among the favorites. Generally expert’s decision of good writing is based on rules of language, eye-catching development of contents and rhythmic flow. The proper form of word and phrase, sentence structure and embedded ideas are the important factors. Experts consider on all these aspects to determine whether one is a good or bad writer. The skillful use of this principle acquires fine writing that can make a successful writer.

The readership is first and foremost for a successful author. He understands the audiences and feels them while putting words-after-word. Majority of readers prefer lucid writing―logical, plain and well-structured. The great linguistic sense, use of amiable words makes the writing simple and non ambiguous. Complexity of thought and sentences represent unripe skill and lack of feeling consciousness of the reader.


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